Firm Overview

Since our founding, managing client assets has been the sole focus of our firm. In partnering with investors and their advisors, we help clients pursue their investment goals through our offering of actively managed stock, bond, and asset allocation portfolios, all constructed to emphasize downside protection.

Invested alongside our clients

Madison is 100% owned by our employees and founder. Our independence allows us to focus entirely on managing client assets without outside influence, and our firm will only be successful if our clients have a rewarding investing experience. In addition, we invest alongside our clients. Portfolio managers have meaningful personal capital committed to their own strategies and share the perspective of clients who entrust us with their wealth.

Investment Philosophy

At Madison, we’ve built a national reputation for our risk-managed portfolios that favor quality and long-term durability over speculation and the unconstrained pursuit of returns.

Participate & Protect®

Investing can be an emotional experience. As guardians of our client’s assets, we strive to protect principal during falling markets and participate in market appreciation during rising markets. We believe adhering to this key investment tenet over time should lead to better-than-market results with lower volatility.

Active and differentiated

We believe the best way to achieve our clients’ investment goals is by focusing on our highest-conviction investment ideas, not aligning to a given benchmark. Our stock funds tend to be concentrated portfolios; our bond funds tend to deploy our deep fundamental research and analysis, and our allocation funds seek to adapt to changing markets by focusing on our forward-looking views.


Our expectation is that investors will participate in market appreciation during bull markets and be protected during bear markets compared with investors in portfolios holding more speculative and volatile securities. There is no assurance that these expectations will be realized.