What sets us apart

Madison Investments offers a series of funds that emphasize quality and durability—all built with the long run in mind. While a risk management approach is not unique to us, the way in which we deploy our investment strategies is what sets us apart.

See what makes our funds unique:

  • Real-time conviction
  • All-weather portfolio
  • Active risk management
  • Proprietary research
  • “Best ideas” approach
  • Relative yield
  • High conviction
  • Industry-leading companies
  • High quality
  • High active share
  • Bottom-up
  • Private market valuation
  • Active and nimble

Who we are

Managing client assets is the sole focus of our firm. The Madison Funds are part of an organization that has been building risk-aware portfolios for nearly five decades.


In assets under management1


Years in business


Privately held

Patrick Ryan
Faraz Farzam
Mike Sanders
Aaron Garcia
Mike Peters

Meet our team

If you value dedication, honesty, and hard work, you’ll appreciate our team’s Midwestern work ethic. Our people continue to apply their depth of industry experience and specialized knowledge to remain experts in their field.

Fourth Quarter Newsletter

The quarter opened with another dreary month of stock returns, making three straight months of market losses. But just as it seemed that the unexpected index gains of the previous months were in danger of erosion, November produced the best stock and bond returns of the year.

1Calculated as of 12/31/2023. The AUM includes all accounts to which Madison provides discretionary and non-discretionary advisory services, including accounts of a third party adviser where Madison provides non-discretionary model portfolio services.

2Madison Investments ranked 6th out of 49 fund families for the one-year period ended December 31, 2022, and ranked 43rd in the five-year period out of 49 fund families, and 45th out of 47 fund families for the ten-year period ended December 31, 2022. To see Barron’s methodology and learn more, click here.