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2018 Madison Funds Tax Information


Capital Gain Distributions

Throughout the year, mutual funds realize gains and losses from selling securities held in their portfolios. Mutual funds are required to distribute the net realized gains from these sales to shareholders each year.  If distributions are paid, they will be declared to shareholders of record and distributed with the year-end ordinary dividends on the dates noted below. Short-term capital gains distributions are taxed like ordinary income.
As of December 7, 2018, the funds expected to pay year-end distributions of capital gains are as follows:

Actual amounts are based on gains and losses realized by the funds through October 31. 


Distribution of Ordinary Income Dividends

When mutual funds earn interest or dividends from securities held in their portfolios, it subtracts fund expenses and passes this “ordinary income” on to shareholders. Shareholders are notified on Form 1099-DIV (mailed in late January) of the actual amounts of any capital gains or ordinary income dividend distributions.

2018 Distribution Calendar
The distribution schedule for year-end ordinary income dividends and capital gains for the Madison Funds is noted below. Click here to view our printer-friendly version.