• Large Cap Value Fund

The Fund will be merged with and into Madison Dividend Income Fund after the close of business on September 14, 2020. Refer to the Large Cap Value Fund merger Shareholder Notice for more details. 

Fund Objective

The Large Cap Value Fund seeks long-term capital growth, with income as a secondary consideration.

Investment Strategies

The Large Cap Value Fund will focus on stocks of companies with financial and market strength, and a long-term record of financial performance. The fund will maintain at least 80% of its assets in large cap stocks. The fund generally follows what is known as a "value" approach which means that the managers seek to invest in stocks at prices below their perceived intrinsic value as estimated based on fundamental analysis of the issuing company and its prospects.

Quarterly Materials

Key Highlights

(as of Tuesday February 07, 2023)
  Class A Class Y
Daily Price 11.69 11.64
Ticker Symbol
Inception Date 12/29/97 6/30/06
Expense Ratio 0.00 0.00

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Portfolio Management


John Brown, CFA

Drew Justman, CFA

Portfolio Highlights

Top Ten Fund Holdings
(as of December 31, 2022)
% of Fund in Top Ten Securities0.0%
Net Assets (as of 6/30/20) $52.3 Million
Turnover (as of 10/31/19) 71%


Complete Holdings List

Investment in the fund involves direct expenses and a proportional share of the expenses of the underlying funds — indirect expenses. The cost of this type of investment may be higher than generally experienced when investing in mutual funds that contain stocks and bonds. Please see prospectus for further details.